2000×3000mm 3kW CNC Signmaking Routers for Sale, 220V Electricity, T-Slot Clamping Table,Factory in Springs, Gauteng for sale

2000×3000mm 3kW CNC Signmaking Routers for Sale, 220V
2000×3000mm 3kW CNC Signmaking Routers for Sale, 220V
2000×3000mm 3kW CNC Signmaking Routers for Sale, 220V
2000×3000mm 3kW CNC Signmaking Routers for Sale, 220V

EasyRoute 2000×3000 3kW CNC Sign-Making Router, 220V, Water Cooled Spindle, Clamping Table New SKU:R-2030C/30 → R154999
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The CNC Sign making Routering Machine work on 220V electricity and has the biggest working area, fastest speed and strongest torque in its class.
It comes with a 1.8° Hi-Torque Stepper Motor that has a torque of 3.5 N-metre. Stepper motor is placed on the rack and gear, 2 stepper motors on each side of the rack for Y-axis and one on the ball-screw for Z-axes.
It is fitted with a one push lubrication system which makes it easy for the owner to lubricate all the parts of the CNC Sign making Router with just one push of the pump once a week.
It comes with a TSlot clamping table which makes 3D engraving easy and electricity-saving.
The spindle of the CNC Signage Router is 3kW brushless and water cooled.
It has a max speed of 12 meter/minute for X/Y axes, and 5 meter/minute for Z axes.
The transmission is made by wear resistant rack and gear with helical teeth.
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The business in the Signage Business has evolved alot with the use of CNC Sign Making Router. Nowadays, there is need of fast speed, efficient and multi-function CNC Sign making Routing Machine. The latest offering from Advanced Machinery is the EasyRoute three Axes CNC Advertising Router that provides much more than that. Whether you want to cut on different types of material like ABS sheeting, Perspex, Komotex, and many more, or you are searching for engrave MDF or are looking to produce 3D surface engraving, it can do it all. This machinery is an essential for everyone who want to take their Advertising Industrial to greater heights.
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Advanced Machinery is making industry machines at "made in China" prices locally by working together with machine factories and building up assemble-lines in Johannesburg. At last, you still get the super affordable price of equipments made in China and great services and the after-sales support you deserve. Please get more info from our website:
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